How to open a new clothing store franchise to the cheap goods

supply is the need to solve the problem of opening clothing stores, especially for inexperienced entrepreneurs, a good source of money is the first step. Supply is the most difficult problem for the novice to join the clothing. Cheap clothing supply will bring more new clothing profits, but also means that the shop is more competitive. Now the problem is how to find these cheap and practical clothing to join the supply? Now the market roasted is very serious, so we must see more, more, more, more is to identify the roasted seeds and nuts.

1, roasted seeds and nuts must go and see more and more understanding, more

this is the most fundamental and most important. To be on the goods, do not come out every time rushing to catch the goods back. Business is not good, what is the use of time? Spend more than two or three days to sell women’s wholesale market have gone all the way, with contrast, not only can understand the price of the market, you can grasp the popular style. Sell mid-range women, only to the grade of the clothing market is also not desirable, have more than mid-range and low-end wholesale market are turning. For example, to understand the goods in Shahe, in order to identify the mid-range market speculation Shahe goods merchants.

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