How to obtain customer identification in the process of store management

as long as it is necessary to deal with customers, if you can not get the customer’s recognition, which will make the development of the store affected. In the process of store management, how to let the customer agree with you, and then buy your product? Do not try to convince the customer, but to convince customers, in fact, customers will not be persuaded, the customer will only be convinced. Second, the weakness of human nature is that they all like to be sincere, heartfelt praise.

1. agrees with the customer’s point of view.

when the customer in the purchase process put forward objection, instinct guide is most trying to refute and persuade customers to guide, always think they can persuade customers to convince customers, customers will not be persuaded from actually, the customer will only convince.

2. praise customers.

weakness of human nature is like to be sincere, heartfelt praise. Of course yes or not to the customer is flattering to do so may be counterproductive.

3. common interests and hobbies with customers.

find common interests and hobbies with the customer, showing concern and investment in this common ground, so that customers have a good impression and trust. For example, common hobbies, such as football, chess and other hobbies, lead to customer identification of the shopping guide, as the saying goes "every liquor has a thousand cups little disagreeable conversation half sentence" customers "like-minded" is quite agree.

4. find the opinion leader of customer identification.

because the customer is a strong fan of these opinion leaders, they are very much agree with the choice of opinion leaders, and willing to reflect the identity of the leader and the same choice. If customers home or relatives of eminent, the residential property owners committee leaders and units of the leading company, etc., are likely to become a candidate of opinion leaders. If you can get these opinion leaders, their driving role is very great.

5. and customers.

"cotton" terminal some excellent shopping guide, do not easily to push products, and customers just pulled home, chatted a few words, the customer will pay, this is really a bit fantastic, when these excellent guide experience when they are at a loss, I didn’t introduce the product ah, how have a deal? The reason is very simple, the customer is through chatted to determine this guide is really good, can be trusted, think of selling products such as shopping guide character, 80% won’t be wrong, so turnover.

said that although the current business competition, to obtain customer recommendation

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