Xining East District rich activities for Party Tribute

Even Japan, Chengdong district departments and units, to celebrate the 93 anniversary of the founding of the community as an opportunity to carry out rich and colorful to celebrate "71" the practice of the party’s mass line of educational practice, the jurisdiction of the party members and cadres by the profound education, the jurisdiction of the masses has been more vivid and more intuitive, more emotional on the mass line.

speech contest to stimulate positive energy. In June 27th, East District Civil Affairs Bureau held "the route of the masses, promoting style change, do clean the model" the theme of the speech contest, the contestants and the scene nearly a hundred cadres and workers to further deepen the understanding of the people honest and pragmatic understanding.

won the 100 cultural Huimin library card. In June 27th, the region to celebrate "71" cultural Huimin project library card issued ceremony held in the Hydropower Bureau four residential square, with 43 thousand and 800 yuan after the "big love in the garden culture Huimin" painting sale proceeds of nearly 500 yuan to buy Zhang Meizhang library card, issued to the area of poor students, poor families graduating students of primary and secondary schools in the area poor party members and cadres.

each community celebration 71 activities to attract people. In recent days, 12 new communities in this area will fall over each other held party to celebrate the 93 anniversary of a series of activities, in the party’s birthday to the end, so that the party’s mass line educational practice more down to earth, closer to the masses, more effective. Such as the Qinghai Tibet Garden community held a "community of people join hands, China Jianxingjianjin dream" as the theme of the celebration of "71" series of activities; the train station in the community to carry out recognition of typical theatrical performances, and visit at the same time, to carry out thematic lectures and seminars, warning education, Party members and cadres to participate in activities such as red experience.


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