Service commitment is more convenient

Tomorrow, the community will continue to apply for the issuance of the old age allowance card for residents, the third grid will carry out health cleanup work, the fourth grid……" In February 26th, the provincial capital Fu Lu Xiang South community area family member courtyard walls, posted a staff of community service undertaking. The development of this new initiative, the residents can make a detailed understanding of the community’s weekly work content to facilitate the residents.

in order to improve the community responsibility of staff, change the style, the weekly community staff work to be done in written form written posted to every family hospital building propaganda column, let people understand the specific issues per week, community workers, community residents can make supervision work effectiveness. In addition, community workers have a service feedback log, record the daily work of the situation and the situation for the people, so as to allow residents to understand the dynamics of community work. (author: Yan Zhuo)


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