The province’s industrial and commercial system 2010 Red Shield farmers special action in Xining sta

January four morning, 2010 Red Shield farmers special action started in Xining.

in 2009, our province’s industrial and commercial system in accordance with the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau "2009 red shield agricultural action", and promote the market supervision work of agricultural means of production, better implementation of the "illegal agricultural materials not listed, not counterfeit agricultural fields, not to damage the interests of farmers" goal. In 2009, a total of more than 12 thousand times to check the agricultural market, the province’s industrial and commercial system to investigate cases of illegal 35 kinds of agricultural materials. Consumer associations at all levels and the two station for a while to accept and mediate the masses of farmers and herdsmen complaints from the 31, for consumers to recover economic losses of $357 thousand, in the province to create a good agricultural market operating environment.

in 2010, the province’s industrial and commercial system to fully implement the State Council "on the further deepening of fertilizer circulation system reform decision" and "the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of agricultural means of production market supervision and management measures" as an opportunity to comprehensively implement the "certificate", "two account two votes a book and a card", "agricultural business theme five system", to promote the agricultural market supervision system of standardized procedures and legal system construction, make a positive contribution to promote the efficiency of agricultural production and farmers’ income.

Industrial and Commercial Bureau, 2010, the province’s industrial and commercial systems at all levels to actively promote agricultural business entities and standardize management, guarantee the agricultural business entities, improve the law of agricultural business entities to exit the system, promote the agricultural management of credit construction; to strengthen the agricultural management subject management system construction, to improve agricultural management main body of law-abiding and self-discipline consciousness to actively support the implementation of agricultural enterprises, agricultural chain management mode; to promote the construction of agricultural operation supervision system, to further implement the agricultural market supervision responsibility system, focus and severely punish all kinds of illegal behavior, to further improve the rural activist network.


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