Xining Chengbei District into 8 categories of private projects for the 20

13 village farm house in the town of Baoziwan Chengbei District in Xining city completed 365 km village road hardening project completed, the region’s urban employment 4200 people, 130 households in rural districts all the transformation is complete…… Earlier this year, the North District of Xining city identified 8 categories of social relief, re employment, public health services, such as the 20 projects for the private sector, as of now, the full implementation of these projects.
and Chengbei district also completed the Bridge Street primary school teaching building expansion project, completed in Guangming primary school Qilian Road Primary School, new teaching building engineering foundation and main project completion, Ning Road Primary School first tap water network reconstruction project completed; Xiao Zhai Cun a pumping station construction project, completed the Bao Zi Zhen Wu Zhong Zhai, the B 6, Wang Zhai village 800 energy-saving solar greenhouse wall construction project, completed 22 of 396 square meters of farmers’ comprehensive service center project; a total investment of 4 million 400 thousand yuan, and built a large Baoziwan community health service center and Chaoyang community health service center. (by Fan Shengdong)


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