Xining municipal Party committee to implement the main responsibility to adhere to the real word

this year, the Xining municipal Party committee, the provincial Party committee and resolutely implement the central deployment requirements, firmly hold honest government "hand", the main responsibility for the implementation, always adhere to a "real" word, responsibility, pragmatic, practical, will continue to clean government and anti-corruption work in depth.

leaders take the lead in implementing. The Party leadership and members to firmly establish the "not catch honest government is dereliction of duty, catch bad honest government is dereliction of duty" consciousness, practice, first, to ensure that the party to manage the party strictly implement. Work to promote pragmatic. In the city to carry out "serious work discipline, improve the executive ability", "serious financial discipline", "strict management of official vehicles use", "turn style, implement, make the model, improve implementation capacity", "not as slow as a series of positive wind Su Ji special rectification activities. Since the campaign, there have been 41 people were accountable, 10 people were given party discipline, 10 people have been criticized, 6 units were criticized, 12 people were admonishing remarks, 9 people were warning interviews, 12 units of "top leaders" were interviewed for violation of the system of public service vehicles. Solid work measures. For the "only not in command of the expedition", develop "implementation of the CPC Xining Municipal Committee on the implementation of the main responsibility of the party committees and discipline inspection oversight responsibility and honest government" Xining honest government to fulfill the main responsibility of Party committees and discipline inspection oversight responsibility reporting system "etc.. Working out the working rules of the coordination group for anti-corruption work in Xining, the establishment of anti-corruption coordination group, responsible for organizing and coordinating anti-corruption, prevention of job-related crimes and economic responsibility audit. Examination and evaluation. To assist the party committees to strengthen the party building and the organization and coordination of anti-corruption work is poor, a serious violation of law cases, accountability of the investigations discipline responsibility. At the end of June, the city discipline inspection and supervision organs accepted the petition report 455, prokaryotic clues 128, filing 22, 1 million 204 thousand and 600 yuan in economic losses. At the same time, support the discipline inspection work. Clearly strengthen the leadership of the Commission for discipline inspection work, and vigorously promote the implementation of the Commission for Discipline Inspection oversight responsibilities. 49 the procedure will be involved in the coordination of the City Commission for Discipline Inspection Institutions adjusted to 7, reduced 85.7%; pay attention to discipline inspection and supervision of cadres selection, deputy secretary of the discipline committee, the nomination and study in conjunction with the City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Party Organization Department; deepen the discipline of institutional reform, the first adjustment of integration of the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau internal organs.


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