Xining Chengbei 318 new small and micro enterprises

this year, the city of Xining in order to accelerate the transformation and development of the main direction, to support small and micro enterprises, the area of new small and micro enterprises 318.

in accordance with the industrial zone, the three rich region, the overall deployment of the North District efforts to develop small and micro enterprises. The establishment of support platform Small and micro businesses financing guarantee fund 5 million yuan, for the 11 Qinghai Hongsen bean industry Small and micro businesses financing 72 million 100 thousand yuan. And the construction of service system from the financial support, financing services, corporate training, government procurement, marketing and other aspects, to strengthen Small and micro businesses and support services, and actively build information service platform, to strengthen the government, enterprises, silver butt. At the same time, also organized trade, industry and commerce, district development and Reform Commission and other departments of the staff into the park and enterprise, to the touch line, in accordance with the "one policy" work, coordination of production factors, to seize the market order, build bank platform, to solve practical problems. (author: Su Jianping Fan Shengdong)

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