Citizen fitness games attract 13 people to participate in Xining

October 11th, a period of 3 months of the second session of the Xining city public fitness and entertainment games in shuttlecock, skipping, shooting, darts tournament ended as the perfect ending. Organizers said the Games due to the project to be loved by the masses, to participate in a wide range of active, attracting 1/3 people to participate in the city.

in August 8th, the National Fitness Day launched the current public fitness games, activities totaled more than and 85 games. In order to make more people happy "moving", the Organizing Committee in the project settings and pains, both football, basketball, badminton, table tennis and other pure Olympic Athletics, and tug of war, playing sandbags, rope skipping, shuttlecock, hula hoop, roll hoop, cockfighting, darts and other traditional sports items the more popular fitness drum, Latin dance, Tai Chi, Tai Chi Fan, aerobics, gymnastics, martial arts, croquet, radio chess, bowling, roller skating, rock climbing, mountain biking and other projects. In short, for the public to build a national fitness arena. Both 3 year olds have 93 contestants, the elderly; both Shencanzhijian friends and retirement years of sports stars. Civil servants, migrant workers, leading cadres, living and working in Qinghai, foreign friends are also involved in the game. A lot of games unprecedented scene, such as hiking, attracting people from all over the country to participate in 10000.

3 months, where there is competition, where there is laughter, where there is activity, where is a happy ocean. People’s fitness games will promote the development of the national fitness campaign. (author: Meng Jun)

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