Annual meeting of provincial capital cities of five provinces in Northwest China held in Xining

July 10th, five provinces and cities in the northwest of the provincial capital of the union of the two annual meeting held in Xining in three. Through the annual meeting of effective communication and exchange, to expand the work of thinking, broaden our horizons, to achieve the exchange of learning, communication and common progress.

years since its inception, always uphold the unity and cooperation, seek common development purposes, play an important role in the communication of information, exchange of experience, to promote the work of trade unions and other aspects, the conference has become the capital city of northwest five provinces to explore the development of labor movement, the new era of innovation and sustainable development, scientific development and prospective development of an important meeting the.

45 representative

from Xining City, Xi’an City, Lanzhou City, Urumqi City, Yinchuan City, the capital city of the five general trade union, the trade union organizations in carrying out maintenance functions, participate in social management innovation, promoting the "two general", urged the development of the park combined with their actual work and carry out exchanges and discussions in-depth discussion; the delegates speak freely, from different angles and sides, introduces the local trade union work in many new experiences, new initiatives, new ideas, new bright spot. We discussed how to further expand the development of the trade union of the internal law and the way to achieve, around the central task of the region, on the creative work of the trade unions were discussed. (author: Ye Wenjuan Song Fang)

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