Large mountain slope before the green landscape of the main framework of three dimensional landscape

November 4th, a reporter from the office of Nanshan green headquarters was informed that this year the city of Xining to promote the Nanshan green barrier construction in two phases, the Nanshan front slope greening landscape framework has been initially set up, highlight the three-dimensional landscape effect.

is in the first year of implementation of the Nanshan green barrier "two" project in our city, our city to ecological economy Lin Jianshe as a breakthrough, the scientific constructing and perfecting the economic forest system, complete the construction of 10 thousand acres of ecological economic forest, based on planting pine, spruce, juniper and conifers, planting Chinese wolfberry 600 thousand strains, 220 thousand strains, 40 thousand strains of seabuckthorn honeysuckle, Chinese herbal medicine, 80 thousand strains of Pepper Seedlings of 43 tons.

in addition to further increase the green Nanshan, the city has increased the intensity of the beautification of Nanshan, this year has been fully completed 118 kilometers of the main framework of the road greening tasks. The main framework of the road construction, the 31 thousand and 400 strains of high standards and specifications of the landscape trees as the main backbone road trees, and in the main framework of road slope cutting Gongliu 2 million strains, which significantly improve the road landscape, some sections showing forest green and blooming scene.

at the same time, the city also for the 6 scenic spots to create a distinctive green landscape. This year, the completion of the Red Valley Leisure ecological park, surrounded by green Plateau Pearl, nine eye springs eco-tourism park, the mountain sports experience park landscape construction of 4 scenic spots, planting all kinds of seedlings of 43 thousand and 500. Through the construction of various scenic spots showing a different landscape effect.


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