Good cadres in my heart received 800 thousand votes

Since June 27th by the Xining municipal Party’s mass line educational practice leading group office, municipal organization department, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly launched the "good cadre masses heart contest officially entered the stage of a public vote, the votes flooded, as of now, the network received more than 74 votes. The paper received almost 60 thousand votes.

when 76 cadres by the Xining evening news to the public at all, 76 cadres of the good deeds make Xining warmth surging, these cadres in their ordinary positions to serve the people wholeheartedly, input them light let countless people moved. Many cadres and the masses have to act up, busy filling out the form, his own political firm, outstanding ability, excellent style of work, the masses of cadres of the trust recommended.

it is reported that the selection of activities, from all levels of Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, and rural community cadres elected 76 cadres, they have extraordinary deeds in the ordinary post, or to actively practice the mass line, so that people cannot do without; or is close to the people, the masses when the family, and people at heart; or is always thinking of the masses, for the masses is reliable; or to lead the masses out of poverty, do everything possible to increase people’s income; or is diligent and honest fair and honest, trustworthy people…… 76 good cadres with all their energy to serve the people, for the tangible things, problem-solving things.

at present, the voting activity is still in full swing, you can continue to vote for your heart good cadres vote. Mailing address: paper ballot for the Propaganda Department of Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department (Qinghai Province, Xining City, South Gate Street, No. 43, post encoding: 810000, Tel: 8230772); Internet voting can log in directly to the Xining municipal government website (


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