10 million investment to keep students away from depression

December 6th, Xining municipal 18 schools nearly 60 teachers gathered in Xining 21, received special training expert at East China Normal University in Shanghai, the training content includes psychological counseling theory background, laboratory equipment basic function, practical application, and the students’ psychological health education, training will enable the city of new 18 laboratory exert psychological counseling a greater role in schools, students from depression, anxiety, mental disorders, with a more happy and positive attitude into daily learning and life.

it is reported that this year, Xining City, a total investment of 10 million yuan, unified planning, unified construction, unified configuration, launched the construction project counseling laboratory the first batch of 18 schools, as has completed investment of 7 million 200 thousand yuan, of which, 12 schools have completed the renovation construction and equipment installation, the rest of the 6 schools are stepping up the decoration and equipment install. After the 18 school psychological counseling laboratory is put into use, it will help students to explore themselves, understand themselves and improve themselves, so that the students’ ability of self psychological adjustment and self-management can be improved. (author: Dezhou)



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