Business YanZha Quejinduanliang morning people clapping and cheering

Qinghai news network "a pound of things even less half a catty, this scale as early as the confiscated, the unconscionable traders should pick up!" In March 25th, Xining City, South Lane on the morning weather, see the scale confiscated illegal traders of problems of law enforcement officers, people clapped and cheered.

Quejinduanliang is one of the most serious problems on the provincial capital morning, consumers are more hated. Consumers hope that the relevant departments to rectify the market Quejinduanliang phenomenon. In view of this situation, industry and commerce departments at all levels to increase the strength of management of the morning, the morning does not regularly check the measuring instruments and the quality of products, through unremitting efforts, the morning Quejinduanliang phenomenon has been curbed.

the morning of March 25th, Xining city industry and Commerce Bureau of industry and Commerce West Main Street once again raided South Lane morning weather. Reporters saw the vast majority of traders are calibrated scales standard scales, but there are still individual traders scale problems. Inspection, law enforcement officers to check each one by one with standard weight scales, the existence of the problem of the scale is confiscated. In the day of the inspection, law enforcement officers seized the scale of 15 units, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. (author: Yuan Zhen)


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