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for the consolidation of health outcomes, from January 25th onwards, Xining City West City District Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau to carry out the Spring Festival the city appearance and environmental remediation activities for a period of 10 days. The remediation activities, mainly for environmental sanitation, dead garbage, Jeeves, garbage and window stickers and high-altitude city psoriasis and.

, although all the units along the street and the urban management department signed a three book before the book, but the individual units are not obligations." January 26th, an urban management officer said.

the same day, the reporter followed the law enforcement officers in 54 West Road, Jason, Phoenix and other places in the green belt and flower beds have a lot of garbage. Law enforcement officials said, Xining Chuangwei process, due to the implementation of three bags in front, and many units along the street pavement in Chuangwei work, the formation of a good situation to everyone involved in health town, Xining city environmental sanitation has been greatly improved. In Xining news, many units along the street, in the urban management department and supervise office assistance, also before the door clean. But the news is successful, some units will no longer pay attention in front of the environmental sanitation, especially some large units, in front of three letters of responsibility has become a mere scrap of paper.

in the traffic lane, the shops along the street will be all kinds of goods and some empty boxes in front of the store, some even piled on the sidewalk; some vegetables, fruit vendors simply stalls also placed in the sidewalk, make originally not spacious sidewalks become more narrow.

Victory Road Subdistrict Office Deputy Director Xue Hong said, traffic lane Jeeves, shop management is a long-standing problem. Over the past few years, the road market here has repeatedly been standardized and banned, but it will not be long before the resurgence. Urban management departments and offices every time to traffic lane remediation sanitation, will be the name of individual traders, and other law enforcement officers to go, they will put the stall again.

West City Management Bureau officials said, in fact, law enforcement officers have long been tired of this game of hide and seek, but the traffic lane spontaneous formation of the road market, because there is a demand for the surrounding residents. Therefore, to solve the problem of traffic lane, must by the relevant government departments to establish the standard market in the traffic lane near, and these businesses lead into the market, otherwise, can only be traders endlessly and the area to play "hide and seek".

city is our common home round, although the urban management department is the main unit of urban management, but some problems are not able to solve a department. Therefore, to make our city cleaner and more harmonious, more people and more units are needed to participate.


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