Our province launched more than 200 Spring Festival mass cultural activities

reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Culture Press and publication, during the Spring Festival this year, the province’s mass cultural activities have been identified. The introduction of more than 200 mass cultural activities in our province, the province’s cultural departments at all levels and theatrical performances to the "cultural team people not forget the early heart" as the theme, with "deep into life, rooted in the people" theme of practical activities, and actively organize grassroots cultural activities in the Spring Festival period, carry out cultural performances, send, send, send books send couplets and other series of cultural activities that benefit the grassroots units, help organize team counseling programs, increase the intensity of services, improve service quality, so that all the people share the fruits of cultural development, enjoy the cultural rights and interests. At present, the Spring Festival mass cultural activities are gradually being carried out.

during the Spring Festival, the city, the provincial cultural center, the provincial library, the provincial performing arts group, respectively, the people of all ethnic groups in the province showing a variety of mass cultural activities. Among them, Xining city launched an excellent fire performance, the traditional experience in customs activities, intangible cultural heritage exhibition, Spring Festival, children’s culture volunteer team grassroots warmth, outstanding film screenings, new poetry and other more than 30 mass cultural activities. Provincial Library launched a network of books over the past year, the new year guess music activities, library mobile vehicles into the community and the army, more than 10 activities to attract people from all walks of life into the library. The provincial cultural museum launched a celebration of culture to the countryside, full of joy, the new museum opening concert series of activities, Academy of opera, the group launched new countryside tour, concerts, concerts and other flowers, were sent to people loved and promote healthy, beautifying the soul, advocating civilized performances.


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