16 street back lane parking order

Since the Xining city to carry out the work to create a national civilized city, the city traffic police detachment to strengthen remediation efforts to solve the urban traffic order, trunk road vehicles Luantingluanfang, stop street congestion, this change has been recognized by the public.

in the recent calls, the public referred to the most is the streets of Xining Street Lane parking seems to become orderly overnight. Mr. Zhang lived in Taiwan three lane near the tiger said on the phone, the original vehicle Luantingluanfang phenomenon suddenly disappeared, every car parked neatly planned parking spaces, street feeling is so neat, clean and smooth, feel carefree.


a reporter from the city traffic police detachment Information Department staff learned that many street in our city back alley narrow roads, mark, Luantingluanfang phenomenon is always repeated, affecting the appearance of the neat and smooth road. A city, in order to regulate the Beijiexiaoxiang parking order, public security traffic management department in Huzhu Xiang Shi Xiang, comity, oblique street, Datong Street, tiger Taiwan lane, lane two, tiger tiger Taiwan Taiwan three lane, lane, lane two, Xishan Xishan, Xishan South Street, Lane three, Ledu Road, Xing Hai Road, Chaoyang Road, Tianjin Road, Shi Po Street 16 street back alley unified delimit parking, clear mark, strict penalties on illegal vehicles. (author: Chu Ming)


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