Strive to achieve by the end of this year to participate in physical exercise population reached 1 m

In 2015, I often take part in physical exercise is the number of 1 million 700 thousand, provincial sports departments by actively constructing the monthly events, Zhou Zhou activities, every day a new situation in our province National Fitness ", lead the business development, and strive to achieve by the end of this year, regular physical exercise in the population reached 1 million 960 thousand.

"plan and promote the" 13th Five-Year "period of the development of sports, is to adapt to the new norm, grasp the new normal, leading the new normal throughout, to awe do sports, the service is to do sports, with lofty state to do sports." Zhang Ning said that the next five years, Qinghai sports will be closely linked to achieve a "synchronous", and strive to build "three areas", to create a high "overall demand, pay more attention to ecological protection, pay more attention to change the way, pay more attention to the harmony and stability, pay more attention to people’s livelihood and well-being, pay more attention to the reform and opening up, pay more attention to lay a solid foundation this is the basic direction, we do sports work and follow, we must because of the situation and seek to react, because of the situation and, in accordance with the development of the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing, innovation, adhere to change into new, in the breakthrough, to further promote the national fitness strategy, improve public sports the quality of service, to do sports work, accelerate the development of the sports industry, deepen the reform of the administrative system, fill short board, tap potential, continue to meet the people The growing demand for sports, efforts to build Qinghai to become China’s bicycle province.

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