Xining market players registered a significant increase in the number of

registration since March 1st, registered capital of the reform to March 31st, Xining newly registered enterprises 452, an increase of 56.4%; newly registered 1872 individual industrial and commercial households, an increase of 53.2%; new registration of farmer cooperatives 64, an increase of 52.4%. For the approval of the enterprise name has 687, an increase of 59% last year. Second weeks (that is, from March 8th to 14) compared with the previous week, the number of market players registered significant volume growth.

market players, the registered capital of the growth reflects the positive impact of reform on the positive impact of venture capital. From March 1st to March 31st, the newly registered enterprises registered capital of 915 million yuan, an increase of 132.2% last year. However, affected by the level of economic development and other factors, the growth rate of each county showed a certain level of regional differences. This shows that the registered capital subscribed registration system to stimulate the vitality of the market players, stimulate the enthusiasm of social entrepreneurship investment, while the enterprise and the public tend to rational investment behavior. At the same time, by the development of the industry policy and the requirements of the registered capital requirements and other factors, the number of enterprises and the registered capital of the scale of a certain industry differences. More than 60% of the wholesale and retail industry. The first two industries in the registered capital of large demand for energy production, machinery manufacturing, construction and environmental industries such as the response to the registration system. The implementation of the real estate registration system of the industry, by the impact of the subscription registration system is significantly smaller, slower growth in registered capital.


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