The city court of Xining city completed the implementation of backlog clearance work

in August 2008, the central political and Law Commission in the country to carry out since the implementation of backlog clearance activities, the city of Xining City District Court Party attaches great importance to this work, to focus on cleaning up the implementation of the backlog of work were put forward, and thorough deployment. Hospital executive bureau according to the arrangements for the implementation of the five party, a package of work responsibility system, the implementation of police officers through 10 months of unremitting efforts, the successful completion of the implementation of the clean-up work backlog.

since the beginning of December 15, 2008, the city of Xining City District Court of the Executive Board of police officers to abandon all holidays, overtime every night 7 to 11, according to the statistics of each executive officers on average 672 hours of overtime, the global total of 9408 hours of overtime, handling more than 20000 km trip. The clean-up work to clean up all kinds of backlogged backlogged rulings 401, 17 million 852 thousand and 70 yuan closed the target; this executiveprocedure various backlog 579, 51 million 55 thousand and 130 yuan; a property available for enforcement cases, repeated petition cases, special subject cases, poor groups of cases closed rate exceeded the provincial and municipal courts task requirements.


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