Xining’s four blueprint for development is worth looking forward to

 Luo Huining, Secretary of the provincial Party committee of the CPC Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) called on the Xining to make contributions to the development of, to go ahead on the basis of stability and support".

governor Hao Peng pointed out: "Xining must overcome difficulties, do more contribution in the economic development model, made the new exploration in the reform and opening up, to make new efforts in the service in the city building."

, deputy secretary of provincial Party Secretary Wang Jianjun pointed out: "the construction of city planning of a city is to design a life", "Mattel strategy, as the key tree", "Zhi Ning strategy for water administration".

urban planning is the blueprint for urban development.

Xining, as the eastern part of the city group "pole" role highlights, how to give full play to the leading role of the central city radiation? The next period of time, the city’s infrastructure construction will be how to develop? The municipal government in the county and town construction and how the layout? Newspaper for you one by one interpretation.

a blueprint drawn in the end

The general requirements of

service in accordance with the "strong Xining, the province", adhere to the basic principle of "center drive, urban traffic, support and basic guarantee", around Silk Road Economic Belt, new urbanization, construction of the eastern city of group of great opportunities, strengthen the connection function of traffic network, the pulling effect of outstanding infrastructure to speed up the city center, perfect function and layout optimization, the core position of Xining is more prominent, carrier function more perfect, and play the leading role of radiation, core.

four blueprint stronger Xining

leading role in strengthening the central city

[Keywords: open development pattern]

[interpretation] to play the advantages of regional service centers in Xining and the aggregation effect, open the city skeleton, accelerate the overall function of the city to enhance and optimize the structure of the adjustment, the development of open city development pattern.

– to promote the withdrawal of the county to set up Huangzhong City, vice mayor of the city center and the construction of the Rushall scenic area, accelerate the core area of municipal facilities and other major projects;

– to speed up the Beichuan Nanchuan area construction focus on the implementation of Beichuan River scenic area project, accelerate the adjustment and optimization of the lake district to enhance the function and train station closure and Nan’an commercial development projects, speed up the central square of the North expansion project implementation, accelerate the Hehuang folk culture exhibition center of people’s livelihood project etc..

county and key towns to promote

[Key words: good combination of boxing]

[interpretation] to identify the main direction of urbanization, concentrate on playing a combination of boxing, scientific and orderly urbanization.

– the new urbanization such construction: the main city in Xining, rouchard, Gan, DOPA as the core, to Huangyuan and Datong as the engine, to chase 13 key town’s support, complementary advantages and dislocation development.

– three county such construction: to improve the clustering ability of the county population and other elements of towns and rural zone;

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