Report to the people will increase the number of live units

The day before the City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued notice stressed that the city discipline inspection organs at all levels should be considered early, early convergence, early arrangements, conscientiously sum up the experience of this year, the specific idea and measures of the deployment of the 2014 anti-corruption work, strengthen scientific guidance, targeted and effective. Notification requirements, we must persevere in the implementation of the provisions of the central eight provinces and cities and supporting measures to seriously find the solution to the problem of the existence of the four winds, eradicate the four winds breeding soil. Two to carry out a pair of "comprehensive reporting system, strengthen and improve the control and supervision of the exercise of the power of leading cadres. Three to increase the implementation of the report to the people, the people’s comments live activities to expand the scope of direct broadcast units, prompting government departments and industry units to change the style of work, etc.. The four is to build and open "agriculture websit to protect farmers’ rights. Fifth, continue to deepen the anti-corruption culture "six plus four" activities, and strive to build a number of "Wen has the name of view, in fact, has its distinctive teaching effect," the honest culture demonstration. Six to improve work coordination ability, improve the quality and effectiveness of handling, timely understanding of the problem of leading cadres found signs of verification, admonishing conversation. Seven in the risk warning mechanism, punishment mechanism, the prevention and control measures in place. Eight is sent discipline work committee (monitoring branch) to actively integrate into the division of labor units, active service, strengthen supervision.  

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