The province’s food safety responsibility system officially launched

In March 31st, Qinghai province development and Reform Commission held a provincial food security responsibility assessment start work conference, read out the "Qinghai province food security responsibility assessment organization work programme", further refinement and decomposition of food security assessment responsibility, build assessment work operation platform, specifically related to the working procedure and the system. The meeting was held, marking the province’s food safety responsibility system officially launched.

the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have always attached great importance to food security, and always solve the problem of eating as the top priority of governing the country. November 2015, the State Council formulated the provincial food safety responsibility assessment approach, clearly put forward the implementation of assessment from 2016. In this regard, attaches great importance to the province, in January this year issued a "Qinghai province to implement the food safety responsibility system of assessment", the assessment of food safety responsibility system to place this year the provincial government important schedule, included in the provincial government leadership in the first half of key work ledger and the provincial government focus on supervision of work.

province is a long-term deficit provinces in recent years, the annual grain demand remained at around 2 million 200 thousand tons, the grain yield was about 1 million tons, the gap up to 55%, excluding potato, bean and pea, corn, barley and wheat production can only meet the consumption demand of the 24%. Every year nearly 65% of the wheat, rice and a variety of grains by the province to be transferred to the outside world, and has been in the rich oil, lack of wheat, no rice, the situation, food safety regulation is heavily dependent on the main grain producing areas in the province of 100%. In the face of the current situation of grain production and grain circulation, it is difficult to carry out the responsibility of food security. The country to take a unified assessment measures, our province is not only facing the national common indicators of pressure, but also the province’s unique difficulties and weaknesses. In this regard, the meeting request, to further strengthen the organization and leadership, earnestly implement the responsibility of decomposition, strengthen coordination and cooperation, and constantly improve the level of work, firmly abide by the examination discipline, truly well-organized, well-organized, orderly, to ensure the success of the first.

it is understood that the implementation of food safety in Qinghai province assessment approach involves a total amount of arable land, basic farmland protection, high standard farmland construction and other 31 indicators. Methods and procedures for the assessment of the work, respectively, the development of the annual assessment program, the city (state) government self-assessment, departmental assessment review, organizational assessment checks, comprehensive evaluation of the results, the use of assessment results.



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