West 19 promises to fulfill the livelihood of the people

The government purchase of farmers market, the separation of management and entrepreneurship incubation center kindergarten, a special livelihood project to build West District West District government set up a new look, a new image for the people. This year, the West District People’s livelihood innovative ideas, improve people’s livelihood, the people around the high quality service, adhere to the "small finance, livelihood" concept, the key 19 to 200 million yuan of investment projects for the tangible things fully completed. Invest 17 million yuan to build the incubation service center for students, the selection of 30 college founded Enterprises Incubator; incubating enterprises enjoy the preferential policies provided by the government, the two cultivating service center provides for entrepreneurs to accept. Invest 55 million yuan to take government investment, the separation of management and market operation "the way was built and put into operation the first West District kindergarten, preschool education to make up for the" short board ", to guarantee the preschool education infrastructure construction and development. Investment of 9 million 350 thousand yuan, the new West Road kindergarten. Investment of 40 million 350 thousand yuan, the implementation of primary school education informationization construction project area. Invested 50 million yuan to build a fully functional West District Cultural Arts center. Comply with the urgent demands of people improve their living conditions and quality of life, a bold attempt in the old hospital building management, take government led, appropriate subsidies "and" three noes "area 149 buildings to achieve full coverage of property management. Investment of 50 million yuan, the new government of Xining city to pay the first purchase of the farmers market, Jia small farmers market opened after Jia small farmers market solve the surrounding more than 3 residents to buy vegetables, fruits, meat products and other daily necessities of the problem.  

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