The Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau police personnel shal

for the province and the city some of the grass-roots public security organs and the public security police violations, illegal handling and not as messy as other law enforcement regulations, requirements of the Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Police Association is prohibited personnel involved in law enforcement.

issued the Ministry of public security and the Provincial Public Security Bureau, Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, called for the strengthening of police team management, have formulated some rules and regulations of the police personnel recruiting, hiring, daily management, responsibility, education and training, assessment and so on, have detailed provisions, especially clear requirements, non police officers do not have the subject the qualification of law enforcement in law enforcement activities. However, according to the investigation of the reflection of the public security organs, individual units and departments of orders and prohibitions, Xieqin auxiliary personnel involved in handling the case, making a record, some even alone check, debit card, fine, especially the individual department oversight, loss of control phenomenon, assistant law enforcement officers gathered petitions, resulting in worse influence in society. The Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau have meeting requirements of various law enforcement units must engage in a comprehensive and thorough investigation Mopai, grasp the real situation, to take strong measures to firmly control the problem, effectively solve the masses reflect the strong law enforcement injustice, uncivilized, not as messy as other issues.


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