Xining Huimin funeral funeral policy for the masses burden

since January 1st this year, Xining city in the funeral Huimin policy implementation in the province, eliminating the cost of basic funeral services for urban and rural residents, to effectively reduce the burden of the masses to the funeral, at present, Xining City, a total of 2456 people from the urban and rural residents basic funeral service fee of 1 million 722 thousand and 700 yuan.

reporter learned from the Municipal Finance Bureau, Huimin funeral policy is mainly to pick up the body, refrigerated storage, cremation, ashes storage and other four basic funeral service projects, a total of 720 yuan basic funeral service fee free. The implementation of free objects for household registration in urban and rural areas in Xining city (Village) people; Xining City Local Colleges full-time non Xining Hukou students in Nanjing Army (police) forces servicemen; and the labor contract signed in Xining enterprises and shall pay the pension insurance payment years, migrant workers in the the urban living and identified by the public security department remains nameless. These personnel in the Xining funeral home, the funeral of their units or units in the cremation formalities, you can enjoy the basic policy of funeral Huimin free range. At the same time, Xining city residence of urban and rural residents (Village) people in the field can be the spirit of the deceased, cremated principle, the funeral is the resident household registration certificate and cremation procedures and other documents, by the Xining municipal funeral management office confirmed after the audit can also enjoy the funeral Huimin policy of free range. (author: Xiao Yu City Finance)

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