Xining commercial bank for rural economic development note gold Tim silver

in the face of inadequate supply of rural finance, the problem of lack of financial services, Xining city commercial banks market-oriented adjustment of credit structure, extending financial services tentacles, initiative to provide quality financial services for the "three rural".

to close service to the rural economy, Xining City Commercial Bank has established two branches in the Gan River Industrial Park, to provide financial services for the New South and Ganhetan area of rural and park enterprises, 2006 branch Gan were issued all kinds of loans 100 million yuan, 41 million 920 thousand yuan deposits. In March 5th, the State Treasury set up a branch library in the Gan River branch, the surrounding farmers and enterprises in the park more convenient for financial services. The victory for management of Xining City Commercial Bank in recent years to run into the fields of rural financial services, currently has a total of 8 villages more than 800 farmers land grant funds 160 million yuan, small loans to farmers 7 million 600 thousand yuan, solve the farmers farming, agricultural production and business capital needs.

at the beginning of this year, the national financial work conference will be an important agenda for rural financial work, easing the access threshold of rural banking financial institutions. Xining city commercial bank to seize this favorable opportunity to speed up the pace of the establishment of institutions in rural areas, in March 15th in the sea lake district set up a branch. The new branch will be formed with the rural cooperative financial organizations, innovative financial products to support agriculture, efforts to ease the contradiction between the large rural financial needs and financial supply, activate the rural financial market. In order to better serve the "three rural" service, Xining city commercial bank is actively coordinating with the local government, as soon as possible to establish branches in Golmud and Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous county. (author: Lu Hai)


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