Xining public parking lot construction management approach from November the implementation of publi

Xining Municipal People’s government to develop the introduction of "Xining public temporary parking lot construction management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") will be implemented on November 1st this year.

it is reported that the "measures" after the implementation of the temporary parking lot, the public will implement a unified planning and construction, unified management, unified fee. Administrative departments of transportation in Xining is the Department in charge of public temporary parking lot in Xining City, according to the city parking lot planning, be responsible for designing, construction and supervision and management of public temporary parking lot, and unified the development of the city’s public temporary parking lot set and service standards; and commissioned the establishment of road parking management unit in accordance with the law, specifically responsible for the construction of the supervision and management of public temporary parking lot.The Department in charge of Xining city planning and construction administration of

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