Xining east to key projects to stimulate the economy

this year, Xining City area to start the implementation of a number of significant supporting role, full development, related to people’s livelihood, a strong impetus to the implementation of key projects, the project 133, completed an investment of 8 billion 453 million yuan, the project has become the key to promote the economic development of the east area of engine.

push project, east area from the beginning of the year, on-the-spot investigation, the coordinated development of the key projects of the construction, improve people’s livelihood and social undertakings of the overall arrangements, formulated the "notice" on the establishment of county leading project Chengdong District steering group, and selected ten has a significant impact on the region’s work the topic, led by the district leadership group, in-depth investigation and study, timely coordination difficulties and problems solve the project construction process, refine the focus of project responsibility, establish construction supervision table of key projects, to accelerate the pace of the construction of key projects.

as of December 20th, the full implementation of government investment projects, construction of comprehensive business office building, east district court business housing project, the Public Security Bureau Jizhen business housing project has been completed the main construction preparatory work, party and business houses in Bayi Road office project is being carried out; bitter geological disaster area and ditch environmental governance project the feasibility study report completed and submitted to the national and provincial and municipal relevant departments. Continue to promote social investment projects, the small commodity market in Wangjiazhuang three, East Huasheng small commodity market opened, the flow of commerce project of Qinghai Cordyceps International Trade Center, international trade center, the smooth implementation of taiyang. The New Millennium International Plaza, the Fifth Street, square, Summer Palace, Jinke triumph Zhonghui Zijin City real estate projects progressing smoothly, flourishing Tiancheng, Xiaoquan Nga Court, the Yellow River international city and a number of beautiful environment, convenient living in new residential areas have been built, the area has been changed, people’s living environment has been further to improve. (author: Su Jianping Jia Quanjun)

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