Strengthen the management and control efforts to improve the quality of the project provincial

after the end of May this year, the Provincial Highway Bureau Inspection Team of the city’s rural highway construction inspection, conducted a comprehensive inspection of quality supervision station, Provincial Highway Bureau and the Municipal Transportation Bureau once again form a joint inspection team of the city’s rural highway construction projects in the engineering quality and safety on June 11th to 15 in Qinghai province traffic construction engineering.

inspection team focused on the inspection of the three counties of the rural highway construction projects and the construction of the Municipal Construction Committee of the Xining Railway Station comprehensive transformation of the Republic of Luqiao, hard Lane Bridge project. Inspection group special industry group and internal industry group. Outside the industry group according to the design documents taken to engineering entity site checking pile number, elevation, cushion thickness, pavement structure and forming geometry; within the industry group by looking at the construction procedure, construction and supervision of information and other methods were examined in the construction project. Through the inspection found that this year the construction unit attaches great importance to the quality of rural road construction and safety production, the overall quality of the construction and supervision units selected better than in previous years. Most of the rural highway construction project quality and safety situation is better than in previous years, but there are quality problems of individual projects, the inspection team requires the existence of engineering quality problems the project immediately shut down, the deadline for rectification. For the entire inspection inspection team in 19 called the project construction unit, construction and supervision units were focused on the feedback of supervision, and through the "bulletin" made in the form of the construction units, the construction units for problems of rectification, the rectification promptly reported to the provincial and municipal relevant departments after the review of the rectification the situation.

the inspection, further reflects the provincial and municipal transportation department attaches great importance to the quality of rural road construction project, aimed at finding the problem through the inspection, ready to be rectified. During the year, the provincial and municipal departments of transportation will also organize a series of special inspections and random checks at any time to ensure that the quality and progress of the city’s rural road project construction standards.



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