West District to determine this year a city hardware project

* Five Star Studios built to install high-definition video probe new public kindergartens will be located in the small market Jia Xing, Xing Hai Road, the market is also delisting Road,

recently, Xining City West District of the deployment of the 2013 "creative city" hardware construction, will be in the Commercial Pedestrian Street Lane built five star studios, installation of high-definition video probe, the new public kindergartens, primary school to improve the infrastructure.

2013, West District will improve the public cultural service network, in the commercial pedestrian street lane construction area of 7500 square meters, can accommodate 1435 people, five star stellar Studios is composed of 8 hall, 1 hall. In the community, the village building 6 fitness Plaza, commercial street in limeng is 4000 square metres of construction in the fitness center, Jia Xiao Zhuang primary school to build 1200 square meters of the playground, Xingzhi Primary School in the construction of 1000 square meters of the stadium. In the construction of new Richpower Commercial Street area of 3200 square meters of the district cultural center, in the Xichuan road construction area of 3000 square meters of the district archives.

at the same time, in public places and focus on the key parts of the installation of electronic video surveillance system, invest 30 million yuan in the area to install the 600 high-definition video probe. Arrangements for the construction of 4 million yuan fire base. Vigorously implement the "open project", the installation on the 54 street, Haiyan road guardrail, 71 Road extension and other main roads, the implementation of small market, Jia Xing Hai Lu market delisting road engineering, ease traffic congestion and other problems. Give priority to the development of education, the implementation of primary school education and teaching facilities belonged to the land consolidation project, primary school years Wenhui put into use, increase the intensity of preschool education, explore the establishment of supporting measures for the management of private kindergarten, Kindergarten Based on the opening of the new star, the newly started construction of 1 Public kindergartens. (author: Wu Yachun)

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