Xining performance appraisal management to digital

recently, organized by the Xining Assessment Office of the Xining Municipal Development and performance appraisal management information system formally launched. This marks the city’s annual performance appraisal to achieve the transformation from the traditional assessment methods to digital information evaluation and evaluation methods.

  performance evaluation information management system in Xining has five functions, such as online integrated office, task monitoring and early warning and assessment, online evaluation, decision support, data analysis and processing. After the system is put into use, it can realize the online submission, review and release of the data and information. The information management system will be incorporated into the annual target responsibility assessment indicators for the four quarter, monitor the implementation of decomposition refinement, according to the release of "red, yellow and green lights" warning information, the usual assessment score calculated in accordance with the relevant regulations, and urge all units to implement, unified process management and control to achieve results. The information management system based on the test data, through the data center to exchange and share information, with the condition index, unit, time on task, multi dimension query statistical and comparative analysis, and automatic generation of commonly used data analysis chart.

it is reported that the performance appraisal management information system in Xining will be a year of a complete assessment of the process of running the test work, will continue to improve after the formal application. At that time, assessment of business information management platform covering the city’s various departments are set up, and provide basic information timely, comprehensive and accurate assessment work, promote the implementation of the objectives and tasks to complete, to provide more scientific, comprehensive and accurate basis for the year-end assessment and decision-making.


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