The municipal office practice firmly and realistically see results

Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the Municipal Office adhere to the study and education as the primary task, positive innovation and learning, enrich learning vector, highlight the importance of study, to ensure that educational practice is not empty is not empty, success.

"331" to resolve the contradiction, to focus on learning. The mass line "three" theme, combined with the office of the actual work, the implementation of the "331" mode of learning, weekly use work time to carry out the three students, each party cadres to carry out a "micro party teaching activities, and a detailed study plan, ensure the scope of participation, ensure the learning time, ensure learning effect. As of now, a total of 26 times to carry out focused learning, leading cadres lectures 2 times, Party members and cadres "micro lectures 6 times.

to active learning to deepen their understanding, build a strong theoretical foundation. Actively organize Cadres Learning Series General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech and the "mass line" and other important provisions — discuss excerpts of learning materials; avoid "one person read in the form of learning, we listen to the" tradition, "who am I, to whom, who rely on" theme speech and Party cadres "micro lectures the study group", the results of the exchange, the majority of Party members to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of learning, to ensure that everyone involved in the study, everyone involved in the exchange, sharing the fruits of everyone.

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