This year the provincial public institutions to recruit 1225 staff

reporter learned from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that in 2016 our province provincial institutions open recruitment of staff announcement, the province’s provincial institutions recruit 1225 staff (including retired soldiers directed recruitment positions 150, university independent recruitment 233).

the open recruitment, recruitment for the province include veterans of the province domicile, the province, the province college students, graduates in grassroots projects of college graduates, the service should be placed in the province (including the expiration of veterans served in our province). Open recruitment work in accordance with the recruitment information, registration and online qualification examination, written examination, on-site qualification examination, interview, physical examination, assessment, publicity, procedures for the handling of employment procedures.

this recruitment registration using the online registration, online qualification, online payment and online download and print the ticket out of the way, registration time is from April 19, 2016 9 to April 25th 24; candidates please log in Qinghai examination of the personnel information network (, read the online registration notice and the integrity undertaking, truthfully submit relevant information and complete the registration work.

with bonus condition examinee (except for the minority ethnic affairs positions), through online qualification, please carry with plus the relevant certificate and a copy of the original from May 3rd to May 5th to the Provincial Personnel Examination Center (Xishan Kunlun Xining Road, Lane No. 5) on-site audit points, otherwise as a waiver qualification. In line with the conditions of personnel, will be in the Provincial Personnel Examination Information Network publicity.

qualification will run through the whole process of recruitment, in any one link found that do not meet the eligibility criteria, will be canceled at any time the recruitment qualifications.

the open recruitment positions to assess the appointment of Posts and test jobs. In addition to the remarks marked for the assessment of the employment positions, other positions are belong to the examination post.

for hiring job candidates not to participate in the assessment by the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the office of human resources and the unified organization of the written examination and interview, attend only by the register unit (or departments) recruitment examination and assessment to organize the candidates in the online qualification review by, please pay attention to relevant information and publish the register unit to participate in the examination according to the assessment requirements, can also be consulted directly apply for units (or departments).

candidates to participate in the examination of candidates to participate in the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the Provincial Department of human resources and social unity of the written examination. Written examination time is May 21, 2016, the specific time and place of examination shall prevail. Test content includes comprehensive application ability (accounting for 50% of the written exam), occupation aptitude test (accounted for 50%, of which the written test results) related to minority languages, ethnic medicine, Platelayers, mechanical driver not suitable to participate in the comprehensive application ability test positions, still the corresponding test subject or comprehensive basic knowledge professional courses or comprehensive basic knowledge for written examination achievement 50%. ;

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