Xining intermediate people’s court hearing the case into the fast lane

recently, the Xining intermediate people’s court approved the application of the rules of the trial period, so that the Xining court case into the fast lane".

is the most protracted litigation cases of the masses on one of the issues of the work of the court, and the judge applies in the legal trial period also has a certain degree of randomness, which not only increases the parties litigation, also affect the work efficiency and the image of the court. The Xining intermediate people’s court to solve this problem, make the strict procedures to adjourn the case report, approval and other practical problems, clear requirements of the people’s court trial of criminal, civil and administrative cases, shall be in accordance with the actual needs, in the statutory trial period as far as possible to shorten the trial period; the "special circumstances" or "a legal situation needs to extend the trial period, shall be submitted to the judicial committee for discussion and decision. At the same time, to extend the trial period "or" summary procedure to ordinary procedure "for hospital submitted to the judicial committee for discussion and decision of the case, determined by a single judge or presiding judge in charge, to the judicial committee work and the reasons for the case and the facts on the basis of the trial in the statutory trial period, such as the judicial committee" do not agree to extend the trial period "the resolution of the case will be extended, as illegal cases investigated judge liability exceeding the time limits.


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