Three things to remember when buying fireworks

Fireworks increased the atmosphere of the new year, but it will bring a lot of security risks. There are many people in consultation, how to buy safe fireworks? What are the actions of fireworks? Once the case was injured, how to deal with emergency? To this end, the reporter linked to the relevant departments to answer.

buy fireworks do not figure cheap

connection department: Municipal Administration of work safety

recently a lot of people call to consult, they buy fireworks at the stall point is not a fake? The answer is yes. The sale of fireworks and firecrackers have special sales outlets and counters, and have handled the fireworks business license, when the public to buy, the counter will also give the public release fireworks safety tips. Safety supervision departments to remind the public, do not covet the lower price of firecrackers on the market, it is best to buy the right counter, safe discharge.

firecrackers do not throw into the sewer

connection department: municipal public security fire brigade

some of the children because of curiosity, like firecrackers thrown into the trash, sewer and other confined space, listen to firecrackers issued a stuffy ring, but I do not know this is a very dangerous move. The sewer filled with methane and other combustible gases, when the gas concentration in a range, the fire will meet the rapid expansion of the explosion is very powerful, can set off the covers, skin burns, injured eyes. In addition to the sewer, garbage cans, the toilet is also easy to produce biogas, so parents have to look at their children, do not let them throw firecrackers everywhere. In addition, at the point of sale to buy firecrackers, do not turn around and began to set off, once other fireworks were ignited, the consequences are unimaginable.

eye injury can not be washed with water

connection department: Xining First People’s Hospital ophthalmology

is the most easily injured by fireworks and firecrackers is the eyes, in the fireworks once the injury to the eye first, don’t rub, if will rub out the eyes of the contents, shedding phenomenon, will lose the eye. And do not use water to clean the eye, because the fireworks add a lot of chemicals, water cleaning will produce further chemical reactions, but aggravate the condition. The doctor reminded, once the eye was wounded in the gun, you can first use the clean towel to cover your eyes, such as antibiotic eyedrops can amount to drop a little bit, and then the car rushed to hospital cure, don’t run because of worry, it will aggravate the burden of the eye.


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