Qinghai tourism investment group was founded

In order to speed up the integration of tourism industry, enhance the Qinghai tourism brand, in April 11th, Qinghai tourism investment group Limited by Share Ltd.

Qinghai tourism investment group is a Limited by Share Ltd approved by the provincial government, the Provincial Tourism Bureau to perform supervisory duties, combined with private capital (Richpower group) holding a state-owned enterprises to set up the optimal allocation of resources in our province, is mainly responsible for the state-owned tourism and related industries development, branding, marketing and other functions. Qinghai tourism investment group was founded, will build cultivating tourist resources integration platform between the government and the market, state-owned and private enterprises, local and foreign, through docking exchanges, stock exchange, merger and reorganization of a variety of ways to cultivate and integrate tourism resources; to build investment and financing platform established by tourism industry linkage development mechanism of engine.

on the same day, Qinghai tourism investment group and Haiyan County Government, the national development branch in Qinghai Province, Qinghai world popular culture tourism development Co., Ltd. 11 units signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Tourism investment and financing of 17 billion yuan of funds, mainly for the promotion of Qinghai gold and silver beach – Atomic City, Guide hot springs town, Meng Da Tianchi and other key tourism projects.

Provincial Tourism Bureau predicted that this year, the province’s tourism is expected to receive 25 million 300 thousand tourists at home and abroad, an increase of 15%; total tourism income of $28 billion (RMB). Among them, 78 thousand inbound tourists, tourism foreign exchange earnings of $39 million 200 thousand (USD).


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