At the end of the month you pick the characteristics of fruits and vegetables

In order to fully demonstrate the Datong beautiful rural tourism resources, publicity and promotion of new achievements in the construction of modern agriculture, the Provincial Tourism Bureau, Xining City Tourism Bureau, Haibei Prefecture Tourism Bureau, Menyuan County Tourism Bureau, Qilian County Tourism Bureau and sponsored by the Qinghai Datong County, Datong · the third facilities agricultural tourism picking Festival and the three characteristics of County Tourism Alliance ceremony will be held on April 26th.

the event in the agricultural tourism resources in Datong modern facilities as the carrier, to walk through the spring, mining characteristics of fruits and vegetables, "" Datong, product culture "," experience harvest, Happy Farmhouse "and" gather together, build communication platform ", accelerate the cultural tourism integration development, fully display the infinite the charm of Datong characteristic planting and rich and colorful cultural charm of tourism activities, let visitors taste of this event, and with Qilian and Menyuan actively communication and consultation, careful planning, publicity and promotion of their rich cultural tourism resources, realize the regional tourism coordinated and orderly, rapid and sustainable development, promote the construction of regional tourism economic zone.  

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