Pollution of air quality in Xining eight violations of the public can report

construction, demolition, municipal construction site did not take measures to prevent dust, slag transport vehicles scattered along the road, industrial enterprises to the air environment to steal pollutants discharged in the urban areas of waste incineration…… Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, jointly launched the Xining Evening News Award. The air pollution violations, from today, the public found violations of these pollution in Xining atmospheric environmental quality, and can call the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau 24 hour hotline 12369, or send e-mail to the mail box of

eight violations of the public can report

people found the following eight types of illegal discharge of pollutants of atmospheric behavior can be reported: first, construction, demolition, municipal construction site and other construction activities according to the implementation of the provisions of the enclosure, watering, hardening, vehicle washing, cover. Two, slag material transport vehicles have not taken cover and other sealing measures, excessive load caused by material exposure, along the road throwing; vehicle body, tire is not cleaned, with mud on the road. Three, after the completion of municipal works, the road is not timely recovery, resulting in dust pollution. Four, commodity concrete production process caused by dust pollution; concrete transport vehicle body and tire on the road without cleaning; tank washing wastewater dumped, randomly scattered in the process of transportation. Five, industrial enterprises without authorization to stop air pollution treatment facilities or abnormal use of atmospheric pollution treatment facilities; emissions of pollutants significantly pollute the surrounding atmospheric environment. Six, the boiler black smoke, food and beverage industry, a serious soot emissions, the sale of inferior coal. Seven, the city will be free to burn leaves, garbage. Eight, motor vehicle exhaust excessive or obvious black smoke vehicles on the road.

report available economic incentives

in order to encourage the public to actively participate in environmental supervision and management, environmental protection departments to verify in dealing with illegal activities, to reward informants, bonuses will be through telecommunications, mobile and China Unicom Company to directly form the call into the mobile phone calls in the informer. According to the report in accordance with the law of illegal pollution severity of five grades, respectively, $1000, 100 yuan, $50, $20, $10. Note that if the public found illegal behavior, to provide accurate reporting enterprise name, detailed address or situation reflected in the picture (such as reporting slag transport vehicle must have a clear number) and imaging data as evidence. The same violations have been reported, reward the first informants. Informants reported a number of violations of the enterprise, not cumulative reward. (author: Rong Lijun)

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