During the Spring Festival provincial bus card recharge time has changed

During the Spring Festival, the city bus lines all normal departure. In addition, the bus IC card recharge point business hours have been adjusted, February 10th (New Year’s day) the same day, all the bus IC card recharge points all rest.

it is understood that during the Spring Festival, Xining City Public Transport Co., Ltd. will carry out quality service competition, bus companies during the holiday season will do a good job vehicle security, cleaning, service, etc.. At the same time, will be based on the density of passenger traffic in a timely manner to ensure the safety of passenger travel arrangements. In addition, during the Spring Festival, Xining city public transportation IC card recharge in February 10th rest, offer prepaid services, but Business Hours is adjusted, the recharge point Business Hours will according to the market Business Hours adjustment, the specific Business Hours in each point of recharge timely release notice. From the beginning of February 17th, the recharge will return to normal work. (author: Liu Peng)


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