North many initiatives escort Enterprises

this year, the North District take measures to fully implement the "steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood policies, in order to protect the development of area businesses.

A, silver prices, positive government financing platform, to establish a long-term mechanism for the financing of the project, 10 households Small and micro businesses financing of nearly 150 million yuan. At the end of October, North Zone to support the development of Small and micro businesses to implement nearly 60 measures, such as tax registration fee 9260 yuan; relief for small and micro enterprises business tax and additional tax of 1 million 570 thousand yuan; the relief of various types of small and micro enterprises in the industrial and commercial registration fee of 366 thousand yuan.

in addition to increase the elimination of backward production capacity, the north area has increased efforts to shut down small businesses, for the western Qinghai ferroalloy limited liability company declared plans to eliminate backward production capacity, Xining Camsing Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other 3 companies to declare the closure of small business plan.


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