Create a civilized city disabled service first

  to create a civilized city; the disabled service first


to consolidate and improve the results of the work to create a national civilized city, welcome the good 2012 National City civilized degree index welcome inspection work, August 28th, Municipal Federation party secretary and Chairman Chai, vice chairman Comrade Jing Dongping led the city CDPF departments who are responsible for the in-depth four area of 10 disabled service contact me (city station the point of self-examination).

fwnz first to Dongguan community disabled service contact point and Yang Jia Xiang Chengdong District assistive service contact point inspection, inspected the two disabled service contact points to carry out the work, and with you a cordial conversation, carefully review the relevant material assistive service work, and pointed out the shortcomings of the concrete in the work.

  fwnz chairman of the two disabled service point of contact work fully affirmed, on the implementation of the policy, so that the majority of people with disabilities do get benefits, promote the employment of disabled people, active and innovative ideas, highlight the local characteristics for work were summarized. On the morning of fwnz chairman also went to Fu Lu Xiang disability services and services for disabled Nanchuan road inspection and guidance, and put forward specific requirements for the community staff, told the disabled workers to strengthen the disabled people and volunteers, to the long-term concern of their lives, as far as possible to provide help and service to them.



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