n the first three quarters of the Xining audit violation amount of 63 million 460 thousand

  according to the project audit plan at the beginning of this year, the Xining Municipal Bureau of audit arranged a total of 34 audit projects, as of the third quarter, the actual completion of the audit project of the 25, the amount of violation of the audit of the amount of $63 million 460 thousand.

it is understood that this year, the city audit department focus on the whole process of capital construction of the lake district and audit tracking audit of land acquisition funds, to the end of September, total investment in fixed assets audit 12 projects, involving an amount of 427 million 780 thousand yuan, audited, reduced engineering investment of 42 million 490 thousand yuan; completion of economic responsibility audit 4 leading cadres, audit management does not regulate the amount of 16 million 440 thousand yuan. In addition, the special funds for forestry, the special funds for financial relief and the new rural cooperative medical care funds raising, management and use of the audit. A total of 63 million 460 thousand yuan of the amount of violation of discipline violations, which should be turned over to finance $760 thousand, should be reduced to the channel funds of $6 million 600 thousand (return to restore the channel funds of $5 million 810 thousand), the account should be adjusted to deal with capital of 1 million 90 thousand yuan. At present, the two phase of the northern section of the Lake Road, Nanshan Road renovation project, the completion of the final audit of Municipal Sports School Project in progress.


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