North of the city tax invoice purchase and use

day before reporters from the Xining to the Inland Revenue Department learned that in the tourist season, catering accommodation invoice increasing demand, North District Government rent sector initiative, focusing on regulation has reached twenty thousand yuan of business tax of the accommodation and catering industry individual taxpayer, and in the area of the organization to carry out invoice purchase and use of inspection.
it is reported that the inspection to "ticket control tax invoices, strengthen supervision, standardize purchase and use of invoices, false invoices against" as the focus, field view and understand the individual taxpayer’s business situation, and pay the tax assessment, timely adjustment of the actual operating conditions and the tax does not match the individual taxpayer the tax quota, push for calling up for failure to pay taxes of individual taxpayer and tax related documents issued by the scene. At the same time, to determine whether the inspection of the existence of the loan, transfer, reselling invoices and other tax related violations.

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