50 million yuan relief grain release

To make proper arrangements for the people in the disaster areas this winter and spring basic life, December 10th, the provincial Civil Affairs Department to arrange all over the province issued 50 million yuan worth of relief grain, including 10 million 533 thousand and 700 kg, 4 million 458 thousand and 400 kg of barley flour. It is understood that this year our province local area has suffered hail, floods, droughts, earthquakes, frozen, snow and other natural disasters, the province’s 36 district (county) 216 towns 1 million 269 thousand and 300 people were affected, 885 million yuan in direct economic losses. To this end, the provincial Civil Affairs Department requirements, all localities should do a good job in advance relief material reserves of fire, theft, moisture, mildew, anti rodent and monitoring facilities inspection. After the arrival of the grain, earnestly implement the quantity check, visual inspection and quality inspection procedures to ensure safe storage. Adhere to open, fair and equitable principles of strict issuance procedures, payment time, payment object, establish and improve the material receiving payment accounts, the relief flour distributed to the affected people hands as soon as possible, and during the winter and spring barley as a contingency reserve of sudden natural disasters strictly regulate storage. At the same time, the initiative to accept discipline inspection and supervision departments and the community, to ensure the safe operation of relief grain.    

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