105 Qinghai enterprises will be the first to meet the green machine

2014 Green Fair is coming to make Qinghai specialty brands will once again shine in the Green Fair, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Province in the province inner layer selected 105 representative characteristic resources advantage of Qinghai brand enterprises, with 17 categories of more than 2 thousand Tibetan plateau green, pure natural, pollution-free characteristics of products, through the centralized display, publicity, promotion, seize the best opportunity from the green fair.Signed

for this green fair project "Tim Farmar, province Industrial and Commercial Bureau from the second half of last year, the number of quality from two aspects of the Green Fair Project combing and screening, to implement the Green Fair has signed the project signed 10 projects, a total investment of 1 billion 420 million yuan. At the same time, the province’s industrial and commercial system to give full play to the "national industrial and commercial one family" advantage, the use of "friendly provinces bureau" platform invite businessmen, actively coordinate and assist in the administration of inviting 500 domestic enterprises to the green participants, and to assist in the administration and please the national industrial and commercial systems and a private enterprise, with a project in the organization Green Fair request support. Up to now, has been invited to 340 enterprises outside the province to participate in the business of 463 green fair.

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