Exotic Cordyceps lure the world

"Strange Chinese caterpillar fungus lures the world." 2013 China’s first · Qinghai international Cordyceps cum Tibetan medicine Fair yesterday in the South City – Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center Grand opening. Deputy director of the national health and Family Planning Commission, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine Wang Guoqiang attended the opening ceremony, the Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor of China, announced the opening of the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the meeting, the provincial health and family planning Commission, deputy director of the State Administration of health and Family Planning Commission, attended the opening ceremony. 11 from 12 countries and customers across the province (city) government departments and business representatives, representatives of domestic and foreign associations and industry associations at home and abroad, both inside and outside the province of Cordyceps sinensis and Tibetan medicine famous entrepreneurs gathered in the plateau, and seek common development of Tibetan medicine industry and Cordyceps sinensis.

research and development so that people can afford to eat Cordyceps

in the afternoon of August 31st, the first China · Qinghai international Cordyceps cum Tibetan medicine exhibition fair held. The forum, experts and entrepreneurs in the formation of the idea of the intersection and updating the concept of development, innovation, scientific research and technology innovation development mode, seek power focus pathways of Cordyceps industry technological progress, innovation and development mode. From Japan’s world famous mycologists, Japan Mycological Society president kakijima really, director of the National Key Laboratory of mycology China Mycological Society chairman Liu Xingzhong in "the world of medicinal fungi" and "Cordyceps from science to industry" as the theme, introduces the deep scientific research and industrialization development direction of related knowledge and the world of Cordyceps sinensis within the scope of the research field of medicinal fungi to you.

The general manager of

Beijing Tongrentang food and beverage company Huang Xiaoqing proposed must protect all resources and natural resources of Tibetan medicine Cordyceps sinensis, traditional medicine without unilateral, and cited by the synergism and Cordyceps plus components as health care products. Huang Xiaoqing believes that the current Cordyceps also belong to high-end products, but also the dwindling resources, should use the rare resources to play a greater benefit, R & D people can afford to sell Cordyceps products".

clinical experts for Cordyceps

Qinghai spring medicinal use of resources technology limited company director Liu Lingxiao said that for a long time, the price of Cordyceps sinensis has been rising year by year, but due to lack of rigorous pharmacological evidence, "governance weakness and loss" effect has been questioned. And those who hit a lifetime with Cordyceps sinensis, also hope to have the modern research data to verify those ancient books to give a high evaluation of Cordyceps, Cordyceps name. After long-term comprehensive evaluation and statistical analysis, the current clinical experts have made evaluation: Cordyceps pure powder can improve the clinical symptoms of sub-health population, with the role of physical and mental strength. Li Shaoping, vice president of Chinese Medicine Research Institute of Macao University, said that they have developed a standard Cordyceps as a traditional Chinese medicine.

Tunisian Ambassador praised Cordyceps exhibition

large scale Cordyceps like this exhibition I was the first time;

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