Jia small farmers market spectrum

September 17th, Xinhua Xiang Kunlun Sun City, a bright and spacious, clean, warm warm market, the first Xining city government pay the purchase of farmers market – Jia small farmers market officially opened, not only moved in nearly a hundred businesses will no longer suffer from wind and rain, the shopping environment also take on an altogether new aspect. According to reports, Jia small farmers market is the West District, West Street office as one of the key tangible things project, daily vegetables, meat, meat, aquatic products, fruits, fresh and dry and other necessities of life for the surrounding masses, is shouldering the market supply and price stability.

Jia Xiao Road market exit stage

mention Jia small market, many people are familiar with the West district.

in early 2003, West Main Street office in the policy guidance and financial support of higher authorities, invested 150 thousand yuan in Jia Xiaoxiang built covers an area of about 1000 square meters of the community re employment service center, set up 121 re employment service kiosks, nearly 200 more than the employment of laid-off workers, provides a convenient shopping for nearly ten thousand people around the place. This is the prototype of the small market Jia, the original intention of the construction is to solve the problem of laid-off workers.

During the 2008

news, with Xinhua market demolition. The surrounding for people shopping in the market, the West Street office and consultation by the district government approval, the foundation to invest 200 thousand yuan in the Jia Lane Community re employment service center to reform, build a small Jia transitional market, is a small Jia street market. After the construction of the market within the booth 145 (of which: placement of Xinhua Market Street 60 households, the rest are laid-off workers), the market mainly engaged in fruit and vegetables, aquatic products, meat and bean products, the annual volume of more than 800 tons, annual turnover of 5 million yuan.

Jia Xiaolin when the market is completed, the region dirty, chaotic, poor and other issues have been effectively resolved, traffic, environment and public security situation improved significantly. The perfect facilities and scientific management mode in the market are well received by the operators and consumers.

however, Jia Xiaolin although the market in a certain period for the development of the economy and facilitate shopping played a positive role, but with the development of social economy, the drawbacks of road temporary market showed that the wet mud, rain a soil ", has seriously affected the development of the market economy, while the influence of by tradition, some of the operators to obtain greater profits, refused to enter the market to standardize the operation in the important area to occupy the market surrounding the road, corridor and other illegal business. Comparison of operating income in and out of the market;

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