Go by 80 to do cycling related business projects

riding is a lot of people’s interest, however, in the new era of entrepreneurial environment, it has become more entrepreneurial options. "Wear blue work clothes, wearing a helmet, riding a cable car, the teammates continued to go home when Li SAI1 stayed, ready to a day when the" Knight ", and then from the 2017 new year, the remaining two days. Li Sai said that he would like to return to his hometown in Hebei, the last month of a good job, and he is interested in riding related entrepreneurship projects.

Shanghai road live map

half a year ago, Lee Sai in the introduction of a friend, came to Shanghai, began to take out the room clerk. Prior to this, he graduated from a college in Beijing East and West philosophy, real estate salesman, piano salesman, bank credit card information to verify the work.

was born in 1987, Li Sai, on the age of the express delivery team, the team is regarded as a big brother level, can be on the qualifications, he can be described as a knight in the rookie. Where is the restaurant, to which location, is the left, or right, how to get to the destination can not find the house number? Because of the unfamiliar Li Sai, still remember the first day of delivery, he was sent to the 10 single, and a single at least an hour to spend.

can now six months later, the performance of most of the day’s 50-60 single, a single fastest 5 minutes to. Ask Li Sai why can rise so fast? He said that the secret is familiar with the terrain, familiar with the restaurant. "I am responsible for a range of three km to the North South elevated, elevated Yanan Zhaojiabang road in the room, where a large flow of people, street lanes, light road is certainly not the way not to say, there is no lane, so you have to recognize the path, running every day, this is almost a" live map "."

and there is a good restaurant and ordered in advance, the route should be reasonable planning, to go to be able to take, take it will be able to go, go and go clever." Li Sai said.

lost 300 hearts are warm

said Li SAI1, room service staff work due to the low threshold, and not a decent job, home not to say, is a high-risk occupation, driving a car battery the streets every day, small knock a small touch is often, especially on rainy days, the volume of orders, orders in the customer, and reminders of the tight.

a rainy evening, Lee suddenly connected to the 5-6 single business, but because the car did not stop, with bread, husband and wife, such as rice and other food dining car upside down, all kinds of food mixed with a paste".

anxious to think that this is the end of the game, the customer will certainly be unhappy, and then carey to the customer call to recommend

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