To create a new era of the wisdom of the city of Deyang opened the intelligent transportation constr

technology continues to develop, so that our lives have undergone a series of changes, especially the use of intelligent, let us feel the magic, but also let us enjoy a better quality of life. Reporters from the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment was informed that, in order to improve Deyang public security traffic management level, promote the construction of smart city, road traffic safety and civilized environment construction and smooth, the city has started the relevant work Deyang city intelligent transportation construction project ". Qianshan Road, Changjiang River Road intersection to the post and telecommunications building new electronic police as the first batch of intelligent transport pilot, will run 26 days this month.

it is reported that Deyang city intelligent transportation construction project implementation time from 2016 to 2018, the scope of construction in the city built-up area within a ring road, extending southward to the south bus station, extending north to the north bus station.

The construction of

content in big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other new technology, including building multifunctional electronic police, traffic video analysis of a new generation of city intelligent transportation system detection, global traffic detection analysis, traffic signal control, traffic information service and intelligent transportation integrated command center in one of the new and improved transportation infrastructure, software and hardware facilities, the basic realization of comprehensive dredging, urban intelligent traffic control.

, director of the city traffic police detachment command center Wang Wei introduction, from December 26th onwards, the Yangtze River Road Qianshan street intersection to the post building section of the new batch of "electronic police" (eyes) put into use on the red light, did not enter the guide lanes according to the regulations, capture occupancy right turn lane, illegal lane change, and the double pressure double yellow line line, illegal parking and other illegal activities, who were monitoring records, will be obtained according to the electronic monitoring system of evidence shall be punished according to law.

According to the introduction of

, fixed speed / velocity bayonet electronic monitoring sections and the speed limit value is added into use: Hu Lu Xun (Department of State Road 108), the speed limit value 50km. Add the use of the intersection of electronic police: the intersection of the Yangtze River Road and Longquan Road, the intersection of the Yangtze River and Mount Lu Road, the intersection of the Yangtze River Road and Taishan Road, Minjiang road and Longquan road intersection.

The new

is put into use section of "electronic police": the Yangtze River Road, Changjiang Road, Pingshan Road Government Center Street Road, Changjiang Road, Changjiang Road, municipal government army Division Road, Changjiang Road, road traffic police detachment. The new use of "electronic police capture red lane": Dongshan Road, Kunshan street, North South Road, a small mountain Emei fifth road.

new era of new ideas, to create a new era of smart city, Deyang open intelligent transportation construction, the city’s construction and development is very meaningful. Wang Wei said that these new electronic police is a comprehensive consideration of public security, criminal investigation recommended

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